By Virginia Cross A traditional chilli pepper found on tables across the Peruvian Amazon is on its way to the U.K, thanks to the English non-profit Plant Your Future. Spicing
   October 16, 2018    1
  By Gabriela Albuja   At Canopy Bridge we know that meeting suppliers in the field makes a big difference for companies looking to source sustainable, natural products. To help
   March 31, 2018    0
  By: Gabriela Albuja   Mery Santos, a passionate, energetic, and successful business woman, is a vivid example of a life dedicated to making a difference. Originally from Venezuela, her
   March 27, 2018    0
  Versión en español aquí Versão em português aqui   Article by: Jacob Olander, Gabriela Albuja, Kevin Moull, Chris Meyer, Juliana Splendore and Karina Bautista   Introduction When properly supported, indigenous
   March 16, 2018    0
La alternativa amazónica al aceite de argan que mantiene al bosque en pie y a las comunidades ganando “Es suave sobre la piel y el cabello, y debido a sus
   February 6, 2018    1
The Amazonian alternative to argan oil that keeps forests standing, and communities earning By Agustín Nervi “It is gentle on the skin and hair, and its varied uses make it
   January 26, 2018    0
  This article by Chris Meyer was originally published by the Environmental Defense Fund   Amazon indigenous communities have made huge strides in the last two decades to secure legal
   December 21, 2017    0
By Gabriela Albuja and Jacob Olander   Jabuticaba, camu-camu, and mangaba are native Brazilian fruits with at least three times the Vitamin C found in exotic species like oranges, bananas
   December 18, 2017    0
Environmental Defense Fund – Forest Trends – Canopy Bridge – EcoDecision Accelerating Inclusion and Mitigating Emissions Program   International trade in responsibly-sourced natural products can contribute to protecting tropical forests
   December 4, 2017    5
  By Iván Ulchur-Rota Conocí a Robin Van Loon por Skype después de algunos intentos por conversar. Yo vivo en Quito, él estaba en Uganda y las diferencias horarias dificultaban
   November 29, 2017    0
  By Jacob Olander Chocolate may be heavenly, but macambo seeds – from a cousin of the cacao tree – may be the most exciting rainforest superfood that you’ve never
   November 27, 2017    3
  By Gabriela Albuja As global consumption of goods increases so does the demand for products that meet standards for sustainability. In fact, the market for certified products is growing
   November 21, 2017    0
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