R+D for new rainforest
food products.

Innovation is the key to bringing little-known rainforest products to market in forms that consumers will love and that drive value back to producers.

In the Ecuadorian Amazon, we run the Canopy Lab, a food innovation laboratory and test kitchen which enables us to prototype exciting new food products and resolve processing challenges.

Based in Archidona (Napo) the Canopy Lab provides a critical link, complementing the work of not-for-profits and public entities who are supporting local producers to organize and to produce more sustainably.

Research and development, with participation of local producers, develops formulations and final products that generate more local value added and align with market demand and trends.

Innovation in the lab
Fermentation Jars

Our Lab is a proud partner in the Red de Innovación Culinaria del Ecuador, together with Fundación Fuegos and Fundación Familia Salesiana.

We are open to collaboration with community enterprises, startups and established companies, government agencies, universities and others looking to create exciting new food products based on the Amazon’s extraordinary storehouse of remarkable ingredients.