Building an Amazon
rainforest-to-table food movement

We are proud co-founders of the Cumari network.

A collaborative food movement of chefs, communities, scientists, activists and entrepreneurs for conservation and sustainable development across the countries of the Amazon basin putting sustainable rainforest foods on the menu.

By connecting rainforest producers to chefs and home cooks, we celebrate diversity, build commitments to conservation, and provide tangible economic benefits to local communities.

The world’s largest rainforest produces 20% of the world’s oxygen and serves as a bulwark against global climate change. It holds more than 40,000 species of plants, at least 3,000 species of fish, and 3,000 kinds of fruit – the world’s largest undiscovered cornucopia of new foods, waiting to be shared.

But one of the richest ecosystems on earth is being transformed to produce commodity calories. Ranching and commercial agriculture of just a handful of products are the biggest drivers of deforestation across the Amazon basin.

But there is another way of producing food from the rainforest.

Leading chefs are looking to the Amazon for inspiration and ingredients. Health conscious home cooks and consumers are waking up the potential of superfoods consumed for generations by these rainforest communities. These connections create unique new opportunities and partnerships.

Making food and gastronomy a vehicle for health, economic opportunity and joy across the Amazon. Learn more at RainforestToTable.