Helping rainforest producers to
connect to new markets

We share our expertise with rainforest producers to access and engage effectively with new markets and generate more income from sustainably managed forests and farms.

We provide advising, research and training services to help build capacity for these producers to access markets themselves, fostering autonomy and direct trade.

Typically underwritten by non-governmental, philanthropic and public sector partners in support of producer groups, services include market analyses, business planning, development of sales strategies and matchmaking with value-chain partners.


Indigenous and local peoples of the Amazon have sustained the rainforest for generations. Ensuring that they can generate income and continue to live well alongside these forests is key for long-term survival and well-being.

Despite an extraordinary array of potential products from their mega-diverse forests and traditional farms, Amazonian peoples often struggle to sell their products in equitable ways that capture their full value and make a real difference in family incomes.

In the Ecuadorian Amazon, Canopy Bridge works with indigenous and local partners, including communities of Kichwa, Siekopai and Ai´Cofán peoples, to identify, develop and bring to market sustainable food products in ways that support their economies, culture, food sovereignty and forest stewardship.

In the Amazon region of Peru, we partner with Despensa Amazónica and Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, to support local riverine and indigenous communities to bring rainforest products like tucupi negro and wild paiche to market.