Rainforest Food Products

Working in close partnership with local communities we market and sell select rainforest products.

Macambo, a tree closely related to cacao, illustrates our approach. Its roasted seeds are healthy and nutrient-dense, and the tree is an integral part of traditional agroforestry home gardens.

Originally singled out by chefs we collaborate with as having exciting potential, we began working with this largely unknown crop in 2017 to develop small rainforest to-table deliveries, experimenting with the ingredient in the best restaurants in the country and laying the groundwork for growth.

From that early ‘incubation’ we’ve now evolved to setting up a processing facility, serving national and export markets and providing sustainable income to a rapidly growing number of community producers.

Alongside macambo in forests and gardens are dozens of other promising ingredients including native fishes, palm fruits, edible oils, herbs, spices, nuts, manioc, and dozens of seasonal fruits which we continue to supply to local chefs and restaurants, research in our food innovation lab, and will continue to bring to market.