Ojoche, Ojite, Ojushte, Ujushte, Capomo, Manchinga, Pisba waihka, Huje, Mojo, Ax, Ramon Nut, Breadnut… a partial list of many names for the same seed. Where I live, Ecuador, it’s called
   October 1, 2014    1
At Canopy Bridge we’ve put together this guide as a preliminary introduction for exporters of food products to the United States. This document is based in part on the experiences
   September 4, 2014    1
Morning breaks and Mr. Phearun loads a tuk-tuk with rice, numberless airtight packages of premium-quality, organic brown rice. Phnom Penh’s traffic is hectic, but he cannot be late. There are
   August 21, 2014    0
With raw bark exports topping 25,000 tons per year, Vietnam is the world’s third largest producer of cassia cinnamon. More than 100,000 farmers, traders, processors, and sellers depend on the
   August 20, 2014    0
I’ve always been amazed at how my Ecuadorian grandmother managed to attend to her nine children, a husband, and many daily guests without the many tools and resources available today.
   August 8, 2014    1
Peru, the gastronomic powerhouse and biodiversity superpower, was on full display at this year’s MISTURA festival in Lima. Every year it seems the country grows in pride and prominence with
   February 18, 2014    0
We started Canopy Bridge because we believe that origins matter. That where a product comes from, how it’s made, the people behind it – in short, its roots – are
   February 18, 2014    1
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