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100% Pure MayaNut Powder – Nutritious & delicious coffee chocolate flavor Superfood. Gluten Free, Caffeine free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Paleo.


Maya Nut Institute is a nonprofit 501(c)3 public charity founded in 2001. While our mission remains the same, we changed our name from The Equilibrium Fund to The Maya Nut Institute in 2010. Our mission is to “find balance between people, food and forests” by teaching rural communities about the value of Maya Nut for food, fodder, ecosystem services and income.

Since we started work in 2001, more than 600 rural and indigenous women have formed 25 different autonomous businesses to produce and market Maya Nut products and to teach workshops to other women.

Women are the primary beneficiaries of our programs. We work with women because they are a critical link between the family and the environment, and because they are responsible for the health of the family. We have found that healthy families are better able to care for the environment because they can make sound decisions based on logic, rather than desperate decisions based on immediate need for food, medicine or school materials.

Our products are Maya Nut Certified: Sustainably Wild Harvested, Organically Produced, Fair Trade, Produced by women-owned and managed cooperatives or businesses, Quality Guaranteed (We test every lot sold for mold, bacteria, heavy metals), Reforestation (3 trees planted for every 100lb sold), Local Consumption (10% of income funds Maya Nut school lunches in producer

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