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Rich Nature Goji Berries are sourced from 500 acres of organic farmland in Ningxia, China, famous for producing Gold Standard Goji Berries.


Rich Nature Goji Berries are produced on its own 500 acres of Organic farmland in Ningxia, China. Ningxia is where the berries have long been commercially cultivated for its superior quality, still considered to this day, the most fertile and best area for Gold Standard Goji Berries.
Rich Nature prides itself of shortening supply chain for Goji berry to a 2-step process, thus providing traceability, the core value they market their products under.

**All images from Creative Commons. Specific Authors Berries images: Charlie F, Crystal, Ivy Dawned, Jayneandd, Liz West, Ryan Lee, Scott Hudson, Steve Lodefink.

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