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Supports the sustainability of the region of Alto Beni integrating production and processing for the benefit of farmers in the region.


Mapajo is a micro-enterprise based in Alto Beni, in the Sud Yungas province of La Paz Department in Bolivia. Our first experiences with dehydrated products started in the 90s.
After a pause of over 10 years we returned to this business in 2010, this time with more strength and giving our company a name.

The company was founded in response to the work performed by the company ECOTOP Srl, which in the 1990s began implementing successional agroforestry systems (SAFS). These plots combined diversified crops resembling the structure of a forest where several species are cultivated in different extracts.

Mapajo begins with fruit processing with the idea of giving an added value to the products of farmers from SAFS plots, paying fair prices for their products as an incentive for their work and the good it brings to Mother Earth.

The products we offer are top quality, sustainable, organic, and processed at the optimum point of maturity and in their place of origin.

At first our motivation was to market the products in the big cities closest to the region, but eventually our view changed as our products began gaining recognition and demand at regional markets. This makes production more sustainable as the company does not need to transport products to far away cities.
Purees, fruit and honey jams that are packaged in glass bottles are destined for regional sales. This presentation makes the product more affordable for our regional customers as well as creating savings for the company on travel costs and logistics with our program to reuse glass containers. By reusing containers we have managed to implement and maintain a stable chain of regional recycling.

By 2015 our goal is to open a Mapajo “farmers for farmers” store in the town of Palos Blancos (commercial center of Alto Beni). This store would consist of Mapajo products, as well as from other food chains of organic premium products from the region (such as el Ceibo). This shop aims to provide an opportunity for farming families to also enjoy the quality delights processed within their own region.

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