BUSINESS: Parque Ecologico Mundo Amazonico
CITY: Colombia
Country: Colombia
MUNDO AMAZÓNICO® is a family project that began as an effort to conserve and reforest an area of soil that had been eroded by cattle farming in the Colombian Amazon.

This process turned into the biggest collection of plants in the area; in 2009, the project introduced a tourism element to make itself economically sustainable. The park opened in 2010, and since then, it has won many national and international awards. In 2011, a year after it opened, the park won first place in a national competition, Ventures Awards, for Best Sustainable Use of Biodiversity. In 2012, the park created the “ Amazon Tea” project, involving small local producers from the indigenous communities. This project subsequently won the Green Business Award. IN 2013, 2014, and 2015, Mundo Amazonico® received the Certificate of Excellence from More recently in 2014, Mundo Amazonico® entered to the Colombian National Portfolio of Sustainable Products and Services (PTP). In 2015 the park was nominated at the BIBO conservation awards, an initiative created by the World Wildlife Fund.

These awards and recognitions encourage the founders Ana Maria Pardo, Milena Mayorga, and Rafael Clavijo to keep working on conservation and environmental education in the Colombian Amazon. By working on eco-tourism, the park develops fair trade projects and promotes sustainable use of natural resources in the Amazon rainforest. These efforts provide social and economic benefits to local and indigenous communities.
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