BUSINESS: Asociación Comunal de Productores de Madera Certificada PROMACER
CITY: Peru
Country: Peru
The Asociación Comunal de Productores de Madera Certificada (PROMACER) is an association of Shipibo Conibo indigenous peoples from the Callería, Junín Pablo, and Buenos Aires Native Communities, managing our forests to provide sustainable timber. We are located in the Pucallpa, Ucayali region and two of the communities involved in this effort are located within the Imería Regional Conservation Area (ACRI).

With support from AIDER NGO, we perform tree census, identify harvestable trees, seedlings and trees that will remain in the forest. With the information collected in the field we have created a Forest Management Plan for small-scale logging according to current forest legislation.

Our timber is FSC small holder voluntary certified.

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