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Heliconius Butterfly Works produces and exports live tropical butterfly pupae to museums, zoos and educational facilities around the world.


Heliconius Butterfly Works produces and exports live tropical butterfly pupae from our butterfly farm in Ecuador. We serve educational facilities around the world including zoos, botanical gardens, museums and others flying live butterflies.

Please note that we can supply butterfly pupae only to licensed and authorized importers meeting national and international regulatory requirements. We cannot sell to individuals and do not provide butterflies for events such as weddings.

Heliconius Butterfly Works is fully licensed by the Ecuadorian Ministry of the Environment, and we have a strong commitment to conservation of Ecuador’s forests and exceptional biodiversity, working closely with local and international organizations. Over our many years in butterfly farming, we have seen how working with local families can contribute to making conservation an economically attractive alternative.

We specialize principally in butterflies of the genus Heliconius, which perform well in a variety of live exhibit settings. The forests of Ecuador, where our farm is located, are exceptionally rich in Heliconius species, and a broad range of colors and patterns are represented by the species we raise.

Butterflies of the genus Heliconius, also known as longwings, are among the most attractive and interesting species for live butterfly exhibits. They are exceptionally long-lived, display a broad range of patterns and colors, and fly well in a variety of light conditions.

Having co-evolved with their cyanide-rich passion flower host plants and evidencing both Müllerian and Batesian mimicry, these neotropical butterflies are not only beautiful but also living illustrations of fascinating ecological phenomena.

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