BUSINESS: Asociacion de Productores Ecologicos Pimental
CITY: Peru
Country: Peru
Due to the use of poor agricultural practices beginning around 50 years ago, the village of Pimental experienced devastating soil degradation and the loss of 90% of its forest. In 2000 APE Pimental (The Association of Ecological Producers of Pimental) was formed with the goal of implementing a new model of rural development in the community. Through alliances with various associations and universities, the community has established systematic methods for implementing agroforestry models, identifying promising species appropriate for the soil and climate conditions in Pimental, and training its producers for organic production and simple transformation technologies, allowing them to sell dehydrated products, pulps, salsas, etc. with value added. Today, APE Pimental consists of 22 families dedicated to the production of 60 total hectares of agroforestry systems, which contain some 120 species including timber, fruit, medicinal, ornamental, and other species. 39 of these species are commercialized, 15 as value added products (please see our products page).