BUSINESS: Comité de la Semilla de Ramón de ACOFOP
CITY: Guatemala
Country: Guatemala
In October of 2012, the ACOFOP management team developed a series of workshops in which they decided to promote non-timber forest products, mainly by developing a value chain for the Ramón seed. With this mission in mind, the Management Board for the Ramón Nut Value Chain Steering Committee was elected on October 24, 2012. The members of this value chain are from forest concessions, and are currently involved in the following entrepreneurial groups: Cruce a la Colorada Integral Forest Association (AFICC), the Civil Society Organization for Management and Conservation (OMYC), Alimentos NutriNaturales S.A. (ANSA), Effort Civil Society (El Esfuerzo), La Lucha Cooperative (La Lucha) and the Muralla de León Association (AMUL). From these various concessions and organizations, ACOFOP unites 339 women and 163 men working in these productive activities, including gathering and processing the Ramón nut.