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The Great Amazonian Pantry: How Eating the Products of the Rainforest Could Save the Earth

This Article was originally published on the website. There is a type of river snail — a churo — in the Peruvian Amazon, large and meaty, that is especially delicious when slow-braised and served in the shell with a bright sauce of golden tapioca pearls. Indigenous people harvest the giant snail when the forest is flooded and transformed into an otherworldly realm where, because of the rising water level, fish swim among the majestic kapok tree and through the umbrella-like branches of the cecropia tree.

Conversatorio sobre el Registro Sanitario en el Ecuador

Conversando con muchos productores, identificamos el proceso de Registro Sanitario como un reto para muchos emprendedores de productos sostenibles en el Ecuador. El pasado Jueves 4 de diciembre de 2014 realizamos el primer seminario web (webinar) de Canopy Bridge, con el tema: “Conversatorio sobre el Registro Sanitario en el Ecuador.” Este conversatorio buscaba apoyar y facilitar el proceso a través de la difusión de otras experiencias y la asesoría técnica

Getting Started Exporting Goods into the U.S.: Food

At Canopy Bridge we’ve put together this guide as a preliminary introduction for exporters of food products to the United States. This document is based in part on the experiences of Canopy Bridge users and provides links to various on-line resources to help first-time exporters understand the key regulatory agencies involved and some of the requirements they should be aware versions of this document.