BUSINESS: Wayanad Spice Village
CITY: India
Country: India
Founded in the year 2015, Wayanad Spice Village we open with an aim of promoting organic farming methods to the rural farmers and brings –up tribal society to the new technological farming processes. From the day we opened we have been received with the open arms from the community. We are providing organically grounded Indian spices from the land of tribes that surrounds the misty drizzling hill folds in Wayanad. As a result of the success we experienced in spices industry we started another vertical of Cocos Nucifera with desiccated powder and virgin oil. It has been a wonderful experience introducing our own brand into the market. Spice village also develops bio- fertilizers and organic manures for the developing of sustainable agriculture to support farmers.


To steer the rural farmers in the path of organic livelihood and to be one brand that consumes across the globe and be the best in its category.


Build a good farming society
Encourage the tribals to practice on new technologies
Promote the farmers to carryout the organic methods of farming for sustainable livelihood
Produce coconut products of the highest quality by adhering to international standards