CITY: Ecuador
Country: Ecuador
In the year 1993 Proaji was stablished in Ecuador, as an agroindustrial company, dedicated since then on the production, processing and exporting hot pepper products for the food industry. Proaji works with small producers, helping the farmers with development and visits from their agro industrial engineers to develop better crops. Proaji also works with a system of satellite mashing stations to help small producers process their product. Through a system of seed purveying to small producers, Proaji ensures quality from scratch. Currently headquarters are located in Ecuador and since 2003 Proaji have had a satellite operation in northern Peru.

Our line of products are commercially directed mostly as bulk semi-processed ingredients for food companies that manufacture hot sauces or dry spice blends. Peppers that we process include Jalapeños, Habaneros, Malagueta, Pequin, Wiri-Wiri and Scorpion. These peppers can be processed as wet mash, dehydrated, or pickled in brine solutions.

Proaji is an FDA registered company and as part of today’s market and food safety requirements we have attained certificates on ISO22000, BASC, GAP, and GMP'S.