CITY: Ecuador
Country: Ecuador
Paqocha is a dream born out of love for the earth and our indigenous roots and we are building it with the alpaca weaving communities of the Ecuadorian highlands, peasant spinner women and knitter women's groups.

It is the first alpaca initiative in Ecuador that has revived the traditional process of alpaca fiber; we are rescuing the art of hand-spinning, back straop loom (pre-colonial), and dyeing techniques with minerals, plants and flowers.
We aim the preservation of our planet and our culture by encouraging sustainable development in rural communities.

Paqocha = Alpaca in Quechua

Our garments are made of 100% alpaca fiber coming from the weaving communities, spun with the ancestral Ecuadorian technique of the "guango" (braid) and spindle, knitted and washed entirely by hand.