BUSINESS: Mashpi Chocolate Artesanal
CITY: Ecuador
Country: Ecuador
We are tropifarmers (farmers from the tropics) committed to "plant to bar" artisanal chocolate making, perpetuating sustainable and traditional ways of agriculture while re-existing and saving a human heritage in danger of extinction. When choosing Mashpi Artisanal Chocolate you are contributing to the generation of environmental justice, together with social and ecological sustainability in the Choco forests of Ecuador.

Mashpi Artisanal Chocolate is proud of using the best cacao in the world, the renowned Arriba beans which provide our keystone to guarantee the most aromatic and flavorful of all chocolates. Our uniqueness is derived from the fact of growing organic cacao in agroforestry plantations restoring previously destroyed forests, and being able to create an on-site artisanal workshop which allows autonomy in all the key stages and artistry to achieve production of an unparalleled chocolate (from planting to tempering and packaging), affording the most sensorial and tasteful experience while producing chocolate consciously.