CITY: India
Country: India
The Indian Organic Farmers Producer Company Limited (IOFPCL), headquartered in Aluva, Kerala is the largest organic producer company in India owned by the farmers. We serve our more than 2500 primary producer members in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The company follows the cooperative and fairtrade principles. Each member has one vote each irrespective of number of shares held. The company is governed by the Board of Directors elected from the member shareholders.

IOFPCL was founded in the year 2004 and incorporated under the Companies Act of 1956 is emboldened to take on the challenges to assist the member farmers in the production and marketing of Organic and Fairtrade certified products in the domestic and international markets.

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**All images from Creative Commons. Specific Authors Spices images: Elroy Serrao, Michael Wifall.
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