BUSINESS: Mishky Huarmy
CITY: Ecuador
Country: Ecuador
Mishky Huarmy is a family owned Ecuadorian based entrepreneurship. We are an integral model where health, economical, environmental and cultural factors are equally important. Our main product is the Black Agave (Agave americana) syrup. 

Black Agave syrup (locally known as chaguarmishky honey) is a non-processed sweetener obtained from the evaporation of the agave sap. Our sap producers are 6 women from 5 communities in Cayambe, located on Ecuador’s north mountainous region. We pay them a fair price with the aim of recovering the traditional way of obtaining and using the sap, while making them feel proud of their culture. Their commitment is to replant with agaves the areas that are not productive within their land, this supports the recovery of eroded soil as well as bringing back other native flora and fauna. 

This sweetener concentrates the medicinal properties well known by our Andean communities, and it is also a great ingredient for cooking.

By using chaguarmishky we are developing other products, always with the aim of recovering those forgotten flavors of the Andes.