BUSINESS: Floresta Protegida
CITY: Brazil
Country: Brazil
Associação Floresta Protegida (AFP), headquartered in the city of Tucumán, was established in 2002 to support the Mebêngôkre / Kayapó indigenous community through various strengthening activities such as generating sustainable economic alternatives to generate incomes. The AFP's main goals include iimproving quality of life, valuing the culture, and protecting the rights of the indigenous communitiy. The association represents around 3,000 Mebêngôkre / Kayapó individuals who live in three indigenous territories (Kayapó, Mekrãgnoti y Las Casas) located in southern Pará. Some of the main kayapó products supported by the AFP's projects are Brazil nut, cacao, pequi and jaborandi. Brazil nut production is one of the most well-developed production practices for the Kayapó.