BUSINESS: Finca El Platanillo
CITY: Guatemala
Country: Guatemala
El Platanillo is an 857 acre shade coffee plantation; 773 acres are dedicated to growing Bourbon, Caturra, and Catuai beans and the rest are set aside as a protected area. The farm employs 35 men and 20 women year-round, and an average of 500 men and 200 women during harvest season.

The first Finca to be certified Climate Friendly. For years, Finca Platanillo has partnered with EFICO and its clients to adopt sustainable farming practices. The EFICO Foundation has supported the development of sustainable farming models. Over the past two years, Finca Platanillo, the Rainforest Alliance, Anacafe and EFICO have joined forces to develop and implement the SAN Climate Module. Through its embrace of the SAN Climate Module (“Criteria for Adapting to and Reducing Climate Change”), El Platanillo is working to make agriculture more climate-friendly. The Climate Module seeks to raise awareness among farmers about the impacts of climate change and promote the adoption of new practices that can mitigate these impacts and be integrated into a farm’s sustainable management plan.

**All images from Creative Commons. Specific Authors: John Pavelka.
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