BUSINESS: El zángano dulzón.
CITY: Ecuador
Country: Ecuador
Apiculture for our family has been a tradition for over 50 years. Our philosophy is that of respecting the cycles of nature and practicing this profession under the values of tradition, humbleness and love for the bees. The entire production chain, from the artisanal apiary to the promotion and delivery, is managed by our family in cooperation with other families in the area. There is lots of handiwork involved in the keeping of the Zángano Dulzón bees. We as beekeepers stress the well-being of the bees as well as the quality of their final product, which is harvested from several flowers. However, our honey has a significant aromatic influence from eucalyptus.
Our apiary is an open system that allows not only the ecosystem to naturally manifest itself but also encourages the community to revive the spirit of conviviality as the bees have taught us by example. Notwithstanding the inclement weather, the variability of prices in the market and the aggressive competition, our family continues to deliver this noble and versatile flower’s nectar with passion. Our production is mainly intended for personal consumption, while the surplus is sold in a small network of local consumers. We educate our customers on the origin and uses of the honey by being open and honest regarding our beekeeping practices.
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