CITY: Peru
Country: Peru
Eca-Amarakaeri unites 10 indigenous communities–currently made up of the Harakbut, Yine and Machiguenga ethnicities–in an effort to preserve our resources, territories and forests against external pressures. We are located in Madre de Dios, Peru, where we sustainably harvest Brazil Nut, an ecologically and culturally iconic species in the region, allowing us to conserve our forest and develop our communities' economies.

In 1986 we began the process of seeking official recognition and protection for our ancestral territories from the Peruvian government, seeking to conserve our sacred areas, clean water, access to resources, and customs as an indigenous community. After 15 years of negotiation with the State, we successfully created the officially recognized Amarakaeri Communal Reserve, spanning 402,335.62 hectares.

The Reserve is administered by SERNANP (National Service of Protected Natural Areas) and ECA (Administrative Contract Executor), who are the representatives of the 10 indigenous communities in the Reserve.

Our objectives are:
1. Manage the RCA along with SERNANP
2. Develop and guarantee the direct participation of community members in this management
3. Promote the sustainable management and traditional use of our natural resources, oriented around sustainable development and maintaining/strengthening the cultural identity of all members of the Reserve
4. Promote the implementation of projects and activities centered around improving lifestyles within the Reserve
5. Guaranteeing the conservation of the Reserve's biological diversity