BUSINESS: Cooperativa dos Agricultores do Vale do Amanhecer
CITY: Brazil
Country: Brazil
At present a number of issues are challenges for humanity. Among them the preservation of the environment, the role of women, food security, respect for diversity, a healthier diet. Against this backdrop of transformations that was born Coopavam, in 2008: in the interest of a group of farmers of the settlement Valley Dawn, located in the municipality of Juruena - Mato Grosso - Brazil, working with forest non-wood products.

Today COOPAVAM is the only cooperative that works with sociobiodiversity products involving more than 500 family farmers settlements, two Indigenous Lands and serves by providing their food, an audience of at least 42,000 people from 8 municipalities, of them, at risk of food and nutrition insecurity. The COOPAVAM carries out its activities according to the characteristics of the Solidarity Economy. Now the challenge is to put these products to the largest number of consumers in the world, because that way, we will continue improving and generating income for all involved. In short, we assume the mission to develop in a sustainable way, a new way of generating income for families living in this region, providing the consumer with high quality products and maintaining the Amazon forest standing!