BUSINESS: Agroindustrias Maquita
CITY: Ecuador
Country: Ecuador
MCCH is an organization that has worked for almost 30 years in social and supportive economy. Since 1985, Maquita has promoted productive, commercial and associative ventures, covering more than 500.000 participants of which 45% are women; the main goal is to improve their quality of life.

Maquita's main principle is to deliver high quality products and services, adapted to the needs of different markets, offering continuous innovation and personalized attention to its customers.

MCCH is member of the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organizations).

Our organization has created its own brand "Maquita", which is part of its three social companies:

1. AgroMaquita: Cocoa Exporter beans and semi-finished products.

2. Agrondustrias Maquita: Brand which trades the line of:
- Handicrafts: made of seeds, tagua, wood, textiles, mazapan, recicled material, glass and silver all of them from small social groups of artisans.
- Food: such as Panela, Quinua, Adean Grains, Dehidrated fruits and mushrooms, aromatic herbs, fruits jam among others.

3. Maquita Tourism: Inbound tour operator, which promotes and coordinates a network of Community Tourism Centers (CTC`s) nationwide.