BUSINESS: Interstate Cooperative of Women Babassu Nut Breakers-CIMQCB
CITY: Brazil
Country: Brazil
CIMQCB organizes coconut collectors in producter community groups with the mission of fully utilizing the babassu coconut and effectively marketing its products. CIMQCB is organized into six branches from the following regions: São Domingos do Araguaia in the state of Pará; São Miguel in the state of Tocantins; Esperantina in the state of Piauí; and Empress, Quarries and Viana in the state of Maranhao, with the headquarters located in the capital, São Luis. These six branches consist of 134 associated members of 36 productive groups, processing babassu and developing products such as babassu coconut soap, oil, flour (starch ) and crafts made of babassu shells and straw.