CITY: Peru
Country: Peru
We are a grassroots organization composed of 60 families, including Mochica indigenous, whose purpose is to promote the sustainable development of Choloque and its surroundings. We gathered as a result of the need to preserve our forests and overcome poverty as there was severe logging which we believe was causing more poverty. We realized that if our dry forest disappeared, poverty would permanently settle, but at the same time there were no job alternatives to logging. We came together to seek productive alternatives and step away from unfair intermediaries. We had to strengthen our organization and improve our management level, we believed that our production systems should be adjusted to market demand, increasing productivity and product quality.

In this context, in 2002, thanks to financial support from the Small Grants Programme (SGP) of UNDP - GEF, a participatory assessment of the potential of dry forest ecosystems for sustainable development began. The assessment identified a number of productive alternatives such as organic honey bee Apis mellifera, the honey of native stingless bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae Meliponini), the production of carob, fruit jam home gardens, introduction native fruit, livestock, among others.

We believe there is no conservation if there is no strategy to implement it while creating jobs for people, assessing products and production alternatives so that we exert the least pressure on the forest. Health comes from our farm, and is directly related to conservation. Our grandparents consumed mamey, and so we started to work in adding value to this fruit and the techniques our ancestors used. Take advantage of reforested species flowes for honey production. We now commercialise honey as well as mamey jams.

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