BUSINESS: AMANACI - Associação dos Produtores Florestais Certificados na Amazônia
CITY: Brazil
Country: Brazil
We, at Amanaci, combined the ancient knowledge of Amazon Indians and modern science to develop the best and purest raw materials from the Amazon Rainforest.

It's no secret that wild plants contain more ingredients than their cultivated cousins.
Amanaci working effectively with Indigenous Peoples and free cooperatives to carefully select the best raw materials, using only best quality nuts obtained from the wild carapa guianensis trees from the deep of the Amazon Rainforest origin exclusively. Each nut is sustainably harvested and in harmony with nature.

By using our raw materials found only in the rainforest, your Company or Brand helps to re-finance our own reforestation projects and rainforest communities create fair income that allows them to protect their forests.

Nós produzimos e comercializamos matérias-primas para indústria, como óleos vegetais, manteigas vegetais e resinas. Feitas exclusivamente a partir de plantas da floresta tropical, as matérias-primas são naturais, extraídas e majoritariamente processadas em seu país de origem, no nosso caso, no Brasil, no Peru, na Venezuela e na Colômbia.