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Ibis RiceTM: “Eat Rice, Save Birds”

Morning breaks and Mr. Phearun loads a tuk-tuk with rice, numberless airtight packages of premium-quality, organic brown rice. Phnom Penh’s traffic is hectic, but he cannot be late. There are supermarkets and restaurants waiting, and this is not just any grain. Reducing chemical inputs in a floodplain is no easy feat, nor is ensuring forest and wildlife conservation in protected areas, but since 2009, the WCS Cambodia Wildlife Conservation Society and Sansom Mlup Prey –  an NGO whose name means “Saving the Forest” in Khmer – have been innovating the way rice is grown

The Spice of Life – Turning the Tables in Northern Viet Nam

With raw bark exports topping 25,000 tons per year, Vietnam is the world’s third largest producer of cassia cinnamon. More than 100,000 farmers, traders, processors, and sellers depend on the country’s cinnamon trade, and there are currently over 50,000 hectares of land under cassia cultivation. Vietnam’s cassia market is immense, but it is also characterized by cutthroat competition, limited end markets, and undifferentiated demand regarding quality of