Maca Powder
Produced by: OrganicCrops

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Lepidium meyenii Walp (Peruvianum)
OTHER NAMES: Raw Maca Powder, Gelatinized Maca Powder
FORM: powdered, pulvirized, capsule, gelatinized
EU Organic Regulation
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USA Organic Regulation
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TYPES/USES: Other food and beverages

OrganicCrops offers premium organic Maca powder made from either white, red or black Maca root. Our Maca is grown and processed in the Huanuco area of Peru. OrganicCrops premium maca from the Peruvian AndesOur Maca grows at high altitude in the Huanuco region of Peru. Grown traditionally by local farmers, the Maca root is processed and packaged in Junin, Peru. The farmers benefit from a good living wage thanks to OrganicCrops fair trade practices. OrganicCrops focuses on empowering local farmers o sustain their environment through traditional farming and cultivation techniques. We offer the following maca products: White raw maca powder Red raw maca powder Black raw maca powder Mixed raw maca powder White gelatinized maca powder Red gelatinized maca powder Black gelatinized maca powder Mixed gelatinized maca powder

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