Product: Ikiam soaps: Ishpink, lemon verbena, lemon, ginger
Produced by Fundacion Chankuap Recursos para el Futuro


Ikiam soaps (solids): Ishpingo, lemon verbena, lemon, ginger, turmeric and tangerine, lemongrass and turmeric and Palo Santo. Natural soaps made from pure essential oils palm ungurahua palm oil. Each oil has unique , beneficial properties, and ungurahua oil has exceptional emollient and nourishing properties thanks to the wealth of molecules essential for cell metabolism.

Scientific Name:Ishpink - Ocotea quixos
Other Names:
Source Countries:Ecuador
Form:Soap bar
Minimum Order:0
Maximum Order:0
Volume Exported Last 12 Months:0
Primary Grower:Yes
National Permits or Authorizations:
Types/Uses:Cosmetics, perfume and personal care

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