Product: Coconut Oil
Produced by Asociación El Bosque del Futuro Ojos de Agua


Vegetable oil known as cocoa butter, produced from the flesh of grated coconut, which is then dried and filtered for extrusion. The oil contains 90% saturated acids, which are highly beneficial for the body (cited as beneficial for heart health, weight loss, immune system, metabolism, energy, skin, and thyroid). This oil is useful for the cosmetic and gastronomic industries. It can be used as a gel, relaxing oil, aroma, etc.

Scientific Name:
Other Names:
Source Countries:Mexico
Minimum Order:0
Maximum Order:0
Volume Exported Last 12 Months:0
Primary Grower:Yes
National Permits or Authorizations:
USA Organic Regulation
Types/Uses:Other food and beverages

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