About Us

Canopy Bridge is a sourcing network connecting businesses, producer associations and community groups buying and selling natural products that aim to contribute to improved livelihoods, social empowerment and healthy ecosystems.

Our Mission is to help these businesses and individuals thrive by making discovery and relationship building easy and transparent.

The Canopy Bridge on-line directory provides an easily accessible, global meeting place that allows buyers and suppliers of sustainable crops and wild-harvested products to find each other and build relationships by allowing users to create personalized profiles highlighting
their capabilities, stories and products. The directory provides a free, easy way for potential partners to connect and start conversations about direct trade opportunities.

Canopy Bridge also provides customized sourcing services and information to clients, forming the personal link that spans the distances—both geographical and cultural—between local producers in the developing world and companies in global markets. Drawing on our data and network of sourcing experts the Canopy Bridge team helps companies identify and vet sources of supply and evaluate their capacity to deliver on product specifications and sustainability requirements.

Through these direct connections, we aim to make transactions and sourcing decisions more transparent and fair, bypassing unnecessary intermediaries.

Canopy Bridge encompasses a full array of natural products and sustainability measures. We work with products as diverse as coffee and cocoa, copaiba oil, quinoa and kapok, shea butter, Brazil nuts and sacha inchi – products that can leverage the power of markets to build healthy farms protect forests, and contribute to lifting communities out of poverty. Canopy Bridge also encompasses producers under a wide variety of sustainability standards, from FairTrade and Organic to Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, Wildlife Friendly and dozens of others.

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