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Sedna Coffee Roasters and Tea, llc

United States
Mission-driven small batch Coffee Roaster sourcing from women coffee growers


There is no doubt that the coffee growing community has a long way to go with regards to its environmental impact, but progress has and will continue to be made.

Sedna Coffee Roasters strives on supporting educating the growers and enabling them to build sustainable businesses correctly, there is a win-win situation for everyone.

Coffee consumers around the world get the best product; the farmers are suitably compensated, and the environment is protected for future generations.

Sedna is a that supports environmental production. It is only by empowering the growers that produce coffee in the right way, that we can change the industry positively.


Every day, millions of people wake up and start their day with a fresh, hot and comforting cup of coffee.

Coffee is enjoyed all over the world and all coffee lovers would agree that a freshly brewed coffee made from the finest beans is the best way to enjoy a coffee.

We (Sedna Coffee Roasters) have a responsibility and an obligation to support not only environmental production but the human impact our purchasing practice has on the coffee communities,

There is strong evidence that on average, women coffee farmers do 70% of the work, yet women receive on average 10% of the income and invest back to their communities and families at a rate of 80% more than the male head of household.

Sedna Coffee as a Mission-driven company ensures that the women receive directly a higher premium for their coffee to prevent undercutting which leaves no safety margin when production drops or bad weather hits.

Women coffee growers are not always treated well and often work in poor conditions, all for a fraction of the cost that the final product – the coffee we consume - Sedna Coffee Roasters promotes Gender Balance practices for the improvement of women economic empowerment.

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