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Our commitment to adding value to wood products and to the efficient use of each tree from the Amazon weakens the pressure on communities to sell trees. While a felled tree normally earns between 50 to 100 soles, our designs allow a tree to yield some 400 products each, transforming its economic value into 15,000 soles. In this way, our artisans help to conserve the 240 hectares of forest which they inhabit in the Peruvian Amazon.


The added value that we give to wood products offers a sustainable system for our artisans and their families, who are Yanesha indigenous peoples in the Palcazu reserve in the Peruvian Amazon. By training artisans to generate added value for these products and by ensuring they reach responsible markets, we provide increased income to Yanesha community members, most of whom are women, as well as a sustainable alternative to simply cutting and selling their valuable forest resources in greater quantities and for less compensation.

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