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Shipibo Conibo indigenous communities managing forests to provide sustainable timber


Work began on the sustainable use of wood with the technical support of AIDER and today includes two productive activities: sustainable commercial harvesting of timber and bijao leaf, which have become the two most important economic activities after fishing. The community has a management plan for the use of forest resources for small-scale level, and a supplementary plan for the utilization of different wood products (Bijao leaf) that allow conservation of these resources. Our community also holds FSC certification for timber since 2010. This document includes the number of trees to be exploited, the number of seed trees and forestry treatments to be undertaken to ensure the preservation and continuance of the species in our community forests. Our FSC certification means that members of our community are in continuous theoretical and practical training to comply with the principles and criteria of forest certification ensuring good forest management.


The communities play an essential role in PROMACER, and vice versa. Community members' raised awareness and monitoring diminishes illegal deforestation and harvest of forest products, and the emphasis on connection with the forest facilitates the preservation of their cultural heritage. Women are included in the local economy in ways that only men were previously, carrying out activities such as the manufacture of handicrafts or registering volumes of product, etc. As the community members are directly involved in all aspects of the value chain (collection, transformation, and commercialization), PROMACER's activities generate jobs and income for the communities, and provide them with capacity building opportunities.

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