BUSINESS: Granja Bello Paraíso
CITY: Peru
Country: Peru
We are a family business dedicated to the production of crops and livestock with an agro-ecological approach and also offering services in rural tourism. We are located in the city of Abancay, capital of Apurimac region in the southern highlands of Peru; we have an area of 10 hectares between native and exotic forests, our company is located on the outskirts of the city to 3340 meters. We currently have a variety of Andean crops, Andean fruits, medicinal and aromatic plants. We also breed guinea pigs, trout, cattle and are engaged in beekeeping and honey production. We started our venture in the 1990s by implementing in production the construction of terraces and platforms while simultaneously starting to raise livestock. Since 1995 we are leaders in sustainable management of natural and productive resources in the Apurimac region.