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ECA-AMARAKAERI sustainably collects Brazil Nut, uniting 10 indigenous communities in the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve.


We harvest Brazil Nut within the Reserve using strict management regulations "DEMA: Declaration of Forest Management for Forest Harvesting in Native Communities," and have established an area for this resource's sustainable collection. Brazil nut forests provide habitat for many species of flora and fauna, many of which are endangered, such as the Harpy Eagle, Jaguar, Spider monkeys, the Arrau river turtle, and the Cedrela odorata and Dypterix odorata trees, among others.


Eca-Amarakaeri's activities provide capacity building and incomes for the communities living in the Reserve, and encourage and educate them in pursuing legal work that preserves their resources. Each community forms a Brazil Nut Committee and carries out an inventory of over 886 harvestable trees. They are trained in best practices for harvesting and processing the nuts. Communities individually administer funds for purchasing Brazil Nut, and generate a collective income of over $24,500. This allows for internal economic mobility within the communities, providing for better education for community children as well improved access to family needs, such as better nutrition, clothing, and boats.

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