BUSINESS: Cooperativa de Caficultores de Dota R.L.
CITY: Costa Rica
Country: Costa Rica
The Cooperativa de Cafiicultores de Dota R.L. was founded on October 14 of 1960 by 96 producers. Today it has 769 members and an average production of 65,000 fanegas in the last 3 harvests.

Its purpose is to collaborate with the development of all activities that relate to the production of coffee in each area, such as the cultivation, wet process, industrialization and marketing of coffee for exportation or national consumption. This is done with the aim of offering the members of Coopedota the best liquidation prices for their coffee.

Coopedota R.L. is a company committed to the social economy of coffee producers in the area of Los Santos, dedicated to production and marketing of green and roasted high quality coffee for national and international markets, developed with an environmentally clean process, supporting their associates with the required services and training, motivating its employees and contributing to regional development.
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