BUSINESS: Chanchamayo Highland Coffee
CITY: Peru
Country: Peru
Chanchamayo Highland Coffee is a company that works directly with 22 producer organizations, including 2,300 growers who have earned organic and fair trade certifications. Our company has a processing plant located in the city of La Merced, Chanchamayo (Junin region), Peru.

Chanchamayo Highland Coffee currently exports 200 varieties of products, including coffee, cacao, sachainchi (mountain peanut), banana chips, dehydrated and candied fruits, and exotic liquors to France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Italy.

The company’s agricultural production and its processing plant are certified organic as per BCS OEKO-Guaranties of Germany protocol, allowing it to carry the labels of European Union Organic Agriculture and USDA organic for the sale of its products. Our products are produced in an environmentally-friendly manner and pay a fair price that covers the cost of production and permits a profit margin for its growers.

The company also promotes tourism through the Expotour Sierra-Selva Central (Mountain and Central Jungle), an event that takes place each year in Lima, Peru. At the event, the company has presented spectacles like the largest pineapple, the largest coffee brewer, and the largest fruit salad in the world. These feats have helped Chanchamayo Highland Coffee to earn three Guinness World Records and to distribute 24,000 portions of free fruit to those who participated.
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