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Essential oils and fats produced based on treating people and communities with respect, candor and generosity


Atina has acquired significant experience in establishing fair commercial arrangements with local suppliers, whether individual property owners or rural communities dependent on natural resources. We conduct transparent negotiations, support supplier monitoring of our activities and assure that long term supply capacity of our raw materials is either maintained or enhanced in each supply region where we work. We provide technical assistance to suppliers or communities and have also frequently provided support with land titling and complying with applicable legal environmental requirements. All this creates a climate of mutual respect, which in turn helps Atina deliver on commitments made to environmental permitting authorities.

The social context of the region where we source one of our most important raw materials has provided Atina with a model for dealing with supply chains everywhere. Our approach is based on treating people and communities with respect, candor and generosity. We structure supply chains in which benefits are equitably distributed, we induce stakeholder monitoring of our activities and impacts, and we promote the concept of shared responsibility and the joint search for enhanced biodiversity and habitat productivity in the regions where we work.

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Specific Authors Essential Oils: Hieu La Voce, Jenia M, Marissa Anderson, Nina Nelson, Sam Sherratt.
Specific Authors Açai: Survival Bros.

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