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Asociacion de productores Kemito Ene

Association of 360 Ashaninka families working on the development of the Indigenous economy in order to improve living conditions.


Kemito-Ene has 360 Ashaninka members of whom 263 produced cocoa and 97 coffee, both have OCIA organic certification, and Fairtraide certification through Pangoa Cooperative. The Ashaninka of the Ene, by their way of life and customs, made a friendly agriculture with forest. One of our allies is the Forests Programme, and we maintain the commitment of Ashaninka producers not to perform any logging; within our projects we contribute to agroforestry production. Our organization is involved in a area of more than 500,000 hectares of forest.


Kemito Ene has invested in several social benefits for women: • SCHOOL KEMITO ENE. Kemito Ene school, "Indigenous management and enterprise", involving farmers, youth and women. • Kemito Ene, has in two native communities Kemito Stores, which are stock with groceries and other necessities (food, clothing, educational materials), that operate at cost price (without utilities for Kemito Ene, only to the shopkeeper ) for the benefit of the Ashaninka; currently the two shops have two employees as store managers (shopkeeper or winemaker) to young women, which have a profit or a percentage of the sales. Some women partners have farmland (cacao production), in addition to its solar dryers, and individual fermenters drawers.

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