BUSINESS: Asociacion de productores Kemito Ene
CITY: Peru
Country: Peru
KEMITO ENE, is an indigenous association that was promoted by the Central Ashaninka del Rio Ene - CARE*, in order to meet the need of the Ashaninka population to increase production of cacao and coffee as means to improve household economy and livelihoods. Kemito-Ene currently has 210 members belonging to the Ashaninka districts of Pangoa, Mazamari and Rio Tambo province of Satipo - Junín. Kemito Ene aims to strengthen management capacities of partners as well as marketing of origin Ashaninka cacao and coffee to special markets. Kemito Ene currently produces organic cacao of exceptional recognized quality as well as a small production of organic coffee.

Kemito Ene has been supported since 2013 by the Peru Opportunity Fund (POF), Foundation Ensemble (FE), Bettys & Taylors (B & T) and RFUK through the project "Autonomous Production and Sustainable Cocoa and Coffee in the Ashaninka communities of the Ene River" (ending in October 2015).

*The CARE is a private non-profit, formed by seventeen (17) Ashaninka native communities, whose primary objective is to promote, disseminate, defend and vindicate human, indigenous and land rights of indigenous Ashaninka communities.