CITY: Colombia
Country: Colombia
Asmucotar is a woman-based community organization, made up of the wives, mothers, sisters or daughters of the male members with the Loggers Association of Tarapaca, which has been a supporter of the women’s Association since its inception.

In 2005, the women gained legal status as an association for improving the lives of the women and their families.

The Association has worked with the SINCHI Institute, who identified the camu camu species as a biological resource which, due to its abundance in nature, presents an opportunity to create a value chain for the community of women and primary collectors to participate in, forming the primary link in collection and processing.

With the support of the SINCHI Institute’s various projects throughout the last 10 years, ASMUCOTAR, now has a distribution center, financed by the Provincial Government. With these funds, ASMUCOTAR bought a house adjacent to the collection center, which has been converted into a processing plant, complete with full processing services for the production of camu camu pulp, as well as for other regional fruits. A cold room was added in order to store the 4 tons of pulp processed in each batch in the proper freezing conditions, and was sponsored by an agreement with the SINCHI Institute and WWF.