What is Canopy Bridge?

Is Canopy Bridge free?

How do I contact Canopy Bridge?

Do I have to be a registered member to search Canopy Bridge?

Can I buy products through Canopy Bridge?

Are there restrictions on who and what can be listed?

How can I be sure that products are truly sustainable?

Our product isn’t certified, can we still list on Canopy Bridge?


Who can create an account on Canopy Bridge?

How do I create an account?

Why do we have different user account types?

What if I am both a Buyer and a Supplier? Do I need to create two profiles?

What do I need to do to maintain my profile?

Can someone help manage my profile on my behalf?

How does Canopy Bridge work with my existing website, Facebook or other social media?

Too many products or services to list individually?

How do Testimonials work?

What if I disagree with a negative testimonial?

How many products can I list on my profile?

Does Canopy Bridge use my information for any other purpose? Does it sell it?

How can I change my profile picture?

How can I change my banner picture?

How does messaging work on Canopy Bridge?

How do Groups work?

How can I upload other supporting information?

How can I remove my connection to another user once I’ve accepted?

How do I delete my profile?

Other (basic account management)

How do I reset my profile name?