We believe that getting and enjoying can also be forms of giving.

We believe that trade can be aid, that giving small producers direct access to new markets can help lift them out of poverty, sustainably.

We believe that building these relationships should be easy!

Getting producers ready
When we’re excited about a product we roll up our sleeves and look at what producers need to break down the barriers that are keeping them from reaching international markets.

For many producers with the coolest products, this may be their first time exporting. That’s what we’re here for.
We help producers review their ability to meet regulatory and market requirements – everything from packaging and labelling to food safety requirements and translations – and get them ready to launch.

Buying together makes it all work
We figure out together export and distribution – setting a minimum sales goal. Why? The problem is that very small volumes are too expensive to deliver overseas, and that larger volumes are hard to sell without going through layers of middlemen and distributors.
By aggregating pre-orders we get to the scale we need to make export cost-effective, and take the risk off producers so they don’t end up with unsold product stranded somewhere overseas.
And yy importing and selling direct we cut costs, driving more income back to the producers who need it.

Producers launch campaign

Set goal of minimum quantity of orders for export of their artisan product.

Buyers on the cutting edge

Browse and learn about unique products.


Orders add up

Buyers place orders until a minimum goal is reached, for cost-effective shipping.

Campaign goal is reached!

Product is prepared and shipped to the US.


Products shipped to buyer

Orders are checked and shipped to you. Enjoy!

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