Product: WAO Chocolate
Produced by Asociación de Mujeres Waorani de la Amazonia Ecuatoriana (Association of the Waorani Women of the Ecuadorian Amazon)


Chocolate from organic cocoa planted in the Yasuni Forest Waorani territory, cultivated with no deforestation to primary rainforest. Sales of the chocolate help improve livelihoods of Waorani families as well as conserve the rainforest, our territory.

Scientific Name:
Other Names:
Source Countries:Ecuador
Minimum Order:0
Maximum Order:0
Volume Exported Last 12 Months:0
Primary Grower:Yes
National Permits or Authorizations:
Types/Uses:Cocoa and chocolate

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2 thoughts on “WAO Chocolate

  1. I tried WAO chocolate in Ecuador years ago, and to this day, it is the best chocolate I’ve ever had. And I’ve tried hundreds of different types of chocolate bars. I live in California. Where can I get my hands on some amazing WAO??

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