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Jacob Olander

Over twenty years working across the developing world generating new ways to finance conservation and improve rural livelihoods – from carbon offset projects to butterfly farming to non-timber forest products. Jacob believes passionately in the power of information and in the potential of markets to do good, help farmers and businesses do well, and to make conserving imperiled biodiversity a win-win. The wealth of untapped and unknown potential in the forests, farms and communities of the tropics provides the joy of continual discovery – and the fact that so much is being lost so fast, the spur to make connections and create opportunities.


Marta Echavarria

A globally recognized social entrepreneur from Colombia, Marta has worked with agribusiness and smallholder farmers, governments and grassroots organizations building connections and partnerships in areas often marked by conflict – water use, environmental safeguards and sustainable agriculture. She is committed in identifying leaders and promoting partnerships to reach environmental and social sustainability, a global challenge where women can make substantial contributions. Marta has received awards from the Ashoka Foundation, Avina Foundation and Mulago Foundation, and has served on the boards or advisory committees of Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano, Fundación Natura Ecuador, the Katoomba Group and Ecosystem Marketplace.


Karina Bautista

Karina provides direct support to Canopy Bridge users, especially grassroots producers and developing country partners, supporting them to make the most of the platform and make the connections they need. Karina has lived and travelled around the world and has been involved in conservation from a number of sectors and perspectives – working with government agencies, research, education and NGOs. Her experiences have solidified her strong belief in the power of day-to-day actions, particularly responsible consumer choices, as one of the strongest tools to achieve long-term forest and biodiversity conservation while also contributing to social development and economic growth across cultures.

Patricio Moreano

Patricio Moreano

Patricio works as the lead programmer at Canopy Bridge. He is in constant coordination with the communications and user outreach teams in order to ensure the website’s optimal performance. His passions include soccer and technology. Prior to his work at Canopy Bridge, he was a Junior Programmer at Carrera Estrada & Sistemas, where he developed the website for a movie theater in Ibarra. He also worked in the Alumni Department at USFQ as a Database Administrator, where he managed all information related to graduate students. He is also involved in different independent mobile app development projects. Patricio holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ).

Anne Grigg

Anne Grigg

Anne works with Canopy Bridge coordinating communications and assisting in research and user outreach. She has previously collaborated with NGOs and research projects in Latin America, working with indigenous communities to analyze landscape management and biodiversity. These experiences have strengthened her lifelong love and admiration both for natural systems and the people that inhabit them, and she is excited to work with Canopy Bridge in the interface between conservation and sustainable environmental practices, and fair trade and social development.
Anne holds a B.S. in Biology and a B.A. in Romance Languages from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo Laso

After studying economics at Princeton, Juan Pablo Laso has worked on his competing passions: writing and economic development. His previous experience includes work for a humanitarian relief project, the creation of a small enterprise/workshop for the support of a group of women with terminal illnesses, and assisting in documentary film-making. At Canopy Bridge, he works in the communications department writing for the blog and conducting research. Elsewhere, he is mainly found writing, reading or teaching poetry.